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Program is a  group session. Program meets twice weekly on Monday and Friday mornings at 8am . Meetings last about 20 minutes with Q & A plus weekly menu plans and shopping lists to learn how to be more mindful eating and maybe lose a few pounds too!

Celebrity Fitness Expert and Best-Selling author, Andrea Metcalf, guides you through a 28-day Mindful Eating program for weight loss. Andrea started mbc Well Centered weight loss program more than 15 years ago and has helped hundreds of people lose hundreds of pounds. She helps more than 50 people lose 100 pounds or more and hundreds of people lose that dreaded 10-15 pound weight gain that happens as we age.

"Losing weight doesn't have to be a struggle. Eating more nutrient-dense foods will fill you up and help you lose weight. Discipline happens with accountability to a program and group."

Mike lost 100 pounds in just 90 days on this program.

Ann lost 16 pounds in just 28 days and 8 inches.

No drugs or supplements. Simple easy to follow guides to help you eat more mindfully and understand the rules of good nutrition, hormonal balancing, and weight loss - to lose and maintain your weight for good.

Group programming starts at the beginning of each month and meets on Mondays and Fridays at 8am.  

Once registered you will receive the Mindful Eating guidelines to prepare for your shopping needs.

Online Virtual fitness classes are included in the program and a movement analysis via ZOOM upon request.

Bi-Weekly Meetings, Meal Plans, Guidance, and Fitness Advice

join a program that can change the way you think about food forever

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